Last Saturday we hosted our fourth ‘Skattie Celebrates’ exhibition/art party. You’ll remember that our previous three were in celebration of the work of Unathi Mkonto, Laura Windvogel and Thania Petersen. You can go right ahead and click on those names to see and read about those events. Firstly, great news, although Skattie Celebrates is typically a one night affair, the AVA has offered Rose the space for the full month, so the exhibition is still up. Do yourself a favour and head on to the AVA to check it out. In fact, the exhibition will be re-opening tonight. Hope to see you there.

These parties are never just because of mine and Sandiso’s efforts, there are a whole bunch of people that come together to make them possible. Firstly, major thanks to Rose Gelderblom-Waddilove, who shared her work with us and trusted us to show it. Thanks to ARTAFRICA who design the magazine we create around the artist each time we do this. By the way, the magazine will be available for download right here by tomorrow Friday the 13th (I know, rather ominous choice of date, but hey). We must also thank Spier wines who not only have a great record of supporting the arts, but have supported us from the very first event and stayed with us since. Thanks to BOS ice tea who have also supported us from the get go. You guys rock!!!

Excuse me while I get mushy here but I’ve got to say that we are also very touched by all the people who selflessly jump in and help every time we do one of these. Like these people in the pic directly below who we met a couple of hours before the event, and they immediately offered to handle the bar for nothing in return, to Carlos Marzia who jumped in and helped us with the hanging, Thania Petersen who took a lot of the photos you see below, to the many friends who helped us set up and the friends who gave up their time to deejay for us. And of course we can’t not mention the awesome AVA gallery who have time and again given us their gallery to host these. Lastly, thanks to all our friends who always come thru and support. For realsies, we are humbled. What a fucking amazing sense of community you all give us. It’s a tough world and it’s a tough country, but when people are so chill, so cool, so supportive and helpful we can’t help but be touched, that shit softens our hearts and makes us teary-eyed. Skattie fucking loves you.

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