Stylist, creative consultant and friend of Skattie, Bee Diamondhead, will be keeping us all in check occasionally, as our Skattie-At-Large, letting us in on what fashion moods she’s feeling right now. So get used to seeing her around these parts. In her own words, “I like to consider myself somebody who’s in the know, somebody who’s down with popular culture and what is going on in the streets here at home, abroad, and all over Africa basically. I like to think that I consciously seek out and pioneer creative projects that have to do with the African fashion aesthetic.” Seriously, how could we not love her? So, without further ado, let’s find out what fashion mood she is feeling right now.


BEE: Telling people who to be or how to be does nothing for us as a creative society, hence my favourite fashion mood at the moment is the OFFBEAT trend. Think of it as a ‘fashion is my life and you can’t tell me nothing’ kind of feeling.

OFFBEAT implies unpredictability, it’s a little off-kilter…fuck it, it’s a lot off-kilter. After years of trends dedicated to specific eras, OFFBEAT has no era. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, you can mix it all up and walk out the door like it ain’t a thang. It reflects a major confidence, and subtle romantic feels.

It gives me great hope that the new art/fashion/music/internet generation are defining their own aesthetic…breaking the rules (bless), and dressing the way they feel. My favourite pioneer of this fashion mood is Rihanna (obvs, who else?). No one does “I don’t give a flying fuck what your opinion is quite like she does. Mostly, this trend reminds me of a younger me, it’s reminiscent of a time when I made my own rules.

My favourite designers, who I think capture it beautifully: Kenneth Ize, Wales Bonner – these two are repping Africa so hard right now- and of course Jacquemus, who just walked away with the LVHM Prize for Young Fashion Designers.

SKATTIE: Keep up with the Diamondhead fashionable adventures on her instagram (@BEE_DIAMONDHEAD) and on her unbelievably gorgeous tumblr.

Image of Bee shot by Justin Polkey for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Collage images sourced via tumblr.

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