Like we told you a while back, H&M is finally here, with the opening of their first store tomorrow at the V&A Waterfront, and another to follow in Joburg on the 7th of November. The 4700 square metre CT store is one of their biggest in the world, and last night at the VIP shopping session they went HUGE *donald trump voice* with full on red carpet vibes, schelbs (where did they find Carol Bouwer?), politicians (we see you Mmusi, and we hope you plottin on a makeover) and what I heard were some 800 VIPs in total. I even spotted local designers Malcolm, Christiaan, Gavin and the Ruff Tung duo, Bridget and Ludwig. A bit of goss: I overheard that we might be seeing a space for local threads up in there, soon-ish, but don’t tell anyone I told you. Nobody wants to be the guy spreading rumours now.
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THE “AG SHAME ARME DING but LET’S POINT AND LAUGH” MOMENT OF THE EVENING: My heart went out to Jo-Ann Strauss’s gal pal here who fell off the escalator whilst going in for a hug. Ag nee maan skat, askies neh!


Words and Images by Malibongwe Tyilo

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