In case you didn’t know, First Thursdays take place on the first Thurs of every month in Cape Town. Several galleries and shops within the city bowl stay open till 21h00, 13 in total, and they’re within what feels like a 1km radius from each other. It started at the beginning of the year. As an extra incentive for thirsty skatties, most shops and galleries offer wine, for free, Thirsty Thurdays? So you get to sashay around the city looking at art and beautiful, sometimes out of price range designer things, whilst filling up on conversation and wine. I enjoyed it so much I practically kept my camera tucked away most of the night and just got into that I love this city vibe, you know, with that smug Capetonian face.

^Up above, Mohau Modisakeng‘s work

/ Below, pieces from Robert Sherwood Design

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