When I see a poorly executed range on the catwalk I tend to take it personally. It makes me feel like the designer really hates us and has absolutely no respect for our time, like we are out here because we’ve got nothing better to do. Seriously WTF? Y’all need to GTFOH with that mess. Of course the opposite is true when I see a brilliantly executed show, like Chu Suwannapha’s Chulaap this past Saturday at SA Menswear Week. I feel like Chu really loves us and respects us, like he really values our time, like not even one look is a waste of our time. Like he snatches your weave, not to embarrass you, but to reveal the natural hair that lays hidden underneath. It all comes from a place of love. And for this we love him right back. Also, S/O to those PICHULIK embellished headsets and backpacks, as well as the jewellery and pins from Rings & Things. We feel your love Katherine; we feel your love Erika, we receive it, and we love you right back. I won’t say much more; I’ll let the pics below do the talking. Look at them again and again, and feel Chu’s love. #BeBlessed.

IMG_9236 IMG_9248 IMG_9242 IMG_9253 IMG_9225 IMG_9233 IMG_9256 IMG_9245 IMG_8983 IMG_9168 IMG_9165 IMG_9087 IMG_9068 IMG_9075 IMG_9140 IMG_9024 IMG_9037 IMG_8996 IMG_8975 IMG_9000 IMG_8964 IMG_8954 IMG_9097 IMG_9146 IMG_9120 IMG_9127 IMG_9269 IMG_9307
Images and text by Malibongwe Tyilo

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