Femme Fatales, dressed to the nines and wielding weapons against the patriarchy! Kind of feels very “Set it Off”, one of my favourite films of all time. I mean, who doesn’t like seeing black women kicking butt and sticking it to the system? Well, I do! I’m talking here about “Dirty Laundry”, a fashion film by Cape Town photographer and videographer Jabulile Newman.

Styling & art direction is done by Grace de Kroon, with Chelsea Bendall on make-up. Tukiya Mulusa, Tatenda WekwaTenzi & Dudu Mchunu play the three heroines. As Jabulile tells Skattie: “I wanted to make a fashion film that has a message behind it. I wanted to link fashion with messages of empowerment for black womxn, and show black womxn taking matters into their own hands, fighting for the rights of womxn everywhere. I wanted to show that a feminist can go from doing the laundry or dishes, to robbing a capitalist white offender, and that forms of feminism are complex. It’s also just supposed to be funny and entertaining.”

Which it is! There’s no verbal dialogue as the three characters in the film use only body language to communicate, while what they are saying is interpreted in subtitles. See the short film below.

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Text by Sandiso Ngubane

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