Resonance Bazar invites unemployed and freelance artists to apply for a place in the

6-month Joule City Arts Incubator in central Cape Town, a graduate development programme

taking place from 25 February 2013 to 15 August 2013.

Joule City Arts Incubator is an intensive internship programme for arts graduates, focused on

skills development and content production that supports graduate to career transition. The

Programme challenges young, emerging professional artists to transform their theory into

practice, in a hub/studio working environment of self-firing and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

The Incubator encourages new processes of learning and knowledge production. It delivers skills

development and training in business entrepreneurship, accredited arts administration and

applications of various technology platforms. The programme is designed to equip participants

with the necessary tools to navigate the socio-economic, political and aesthetic complexities of

the creative and cultural industries.

The call is open to artists as creative entrepreneurs, who are interested in collectively exploring

the dissolution of boundaries between art forms, engaging in research, critical debate and

collaborative practice and sharing in the knowledge pool that will comprise of both theoretical and

practical applications. The three incubators are:

  • Performa Arts Incubator
  • Visual and Aural Cultures Incubator
  • African Knowledge Incubator


The Performa Arts Incubator explores the catalytic relationship between fashion, performance,

art history, print media, digital publishing and popular culture, and its existence in commercial art

house and mainstream society. Knowledge production will take the form of both a Performance

Art work and Fashion Publication. Participants will create the next issue of the Skattie Print

Editorial, a fashion magazine showcasing the new school of South African creative thought and

expression, which decisively challenges the wear and tear of the contemporary fashion publishing

industry. Participants will also create a new Performance Art work, built on the framework of

understanding how a Performance Art work is conceived, how a prospectus is put together to

present to producers, how to present oneʼs brand of art in media and publishing, the discipline of

execution and ways to renegotiate aspects of performance art and the greater collaborations that

the medium demands, such as video, public intervention, design, fashion, art.

The Visual and Aural Cultures Incubator works towards publishing online and in print, high end

content of commissioned essays, texts, conversations and interviews with composers, sound

designers, sound-artists, musicians, theorists and audio innovators – stimulating an awareness of

individuals who boldly create music and soundscapes beyond entertainment. Participants will

elicit diverse opinions and critical commentaries across the full gamut of music and audio cultures

in Southern Africa, putting together a multimedia archive of texts, MP3s, audio, video and

photographic galleries, as well as producing an immersive surround sound and video Installation

of researched material, suggesting new ways of listening and perceiving aural and visual cultures.

The African Knowledge Incubator will not focus on “indigenous”, “ancestral” or “traditional”

knowledge. It will also not rely on debate initiated and conducted outside the African

Continent. The African Knowledge Incubator will gather and record present-day know-how and

know-why from contemporaries living in Africa today; more specifically from artists as conduits

and articulators of knowledge: the known, the unknown and sometimes the unspeakable. Using

sound, video, web-tools and art as a common vernacular, it will generate content in the form of

podcasts – free, all-access knowledge to share.

The Joule City Arts Incubator Project team includes Kadiatou Diallo, Malibongwe Tyilo, Athi-Patra

Ruga and Julia Raynham.

The call for applications goes to new media and digital artists (eg: sound, video, web,

installation, animators, photographers), designers (eg: graphic, fashion, architecture, industrial),

writers (eg: cultural researchers, music journalists, poets, literary authors, art historians,

theorists), artists working in film and broadcast media (eg: directors, producers,

cinematographers, editors, sound-engineers) performers (musicians, theatre makers, dancers,

choreographers); and is inclusive of those whose professional practice and skills cannot

easily be boxed into stereotypical categories of identification.

– In total 21 participants will be selected – seven in each Incubator.

– Applicants must be able to comit to the Incubator Programme in full (25 February – 15

August 2013); 40hrs/week in total, of which three days a week are face to face sessions

and two days are independent work

– All selected participants will receive a monthly stipend to cover their daily travel and food

costs for the duration of the Graduate Development Programme.

application requirements …………………………….

– the programme targets unemployed or freelance artists

– applicants must be South Africa citizens and between the ages of 24 and 35

– applicants must possess a relevant tertiary qualification, such as a diploma or degree

(Technikon, FET, College, Internship, University, Apprenticeship)

– special consideration will be given to two applicants who do not fulfill the relevant tertiary

qualification requirements, who display extraordinary talent, creative discipline and

entrepreneurial flair in their artform

– applicants are encouraged to apply even if they do not have previous work related


applications must include all of the following …………………………….

– the completed APPLICATION FORM (on page four of this call for applications)

– your motivation letter needs to include your reasons ʻwhy would you benefit from this

Incubatorʼ, and ʻwhat you want to get out of your participation in this incubatorʼ

– one Letter of Reference

– your Curriculum Vitae

– certified copy of your South African Identity Document

– copy of your graduate degree or diploma

– maximum 5 works from your portfolio – on disk, via URL or email

Shortlisted candidates may be required to attend a selection interview.

The final date for submissions is Monday 18th February 2013 at 1 pm.

Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Applications must be clearly marked JOULE CITY ARTS INCUBATOR APPLICATIONS

and can be emailed to (total file size must be max. 5 MB)

or posted to:

Joule City Arts Incubators

Suite# 31

Private Bag X9190

Cape Town


For questions and further information contact

Resonance Bazar on 021 461 2022

(weekdays 9am – 5pm)

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