If there is one thing that annoys me about my close circle of humans, like, the ones I spend my life with on an almost daily basis, it’s that they love to keep me waiting. They know I hate that shit and yet they are never on time. Aaargh! Do whatever the fuck you have to do, but please don’t make me wait. Anyway, whatevs, #norantzone. How awesome is this lookbook shot on film by artist/photographer/stylist and incredibly talented friend of Skattie, Sarah Hugo-Hamman? It’s called ‘waiting’, and it explores that concept in a rather far more surreal and fashionable way than I do. If I looked that fabulous while waiting I’d do a whole lot more of it and I’d selfie the fuck out of it too, just sayin. Also, that wardrobe, I love the way model Azuli looks like she is waiting somewhere in the 90s. Like she’s probs been waiting there for a really long time because her friends are as careless with other people’s time as much as mine are, poor thing’s had no choice but to sit there, trying on one 90s outfit after another. I mean, if one could take life lessons from lookbooks – which I think is a totally legit way to do life – I’d say the lesson here is to stop keeping your friends waiting, like, if you said you’ll be here at seven, then please be here at seven ffs. But also, if your friends keep you waiting, take back the power, be fabulous at it!  And thank you Sarah, you get me.

IMG_6190 copy 0028_32A 0025_29A 0024_28A 0023_24 0021_25A 0004_8A 0005_9A 0016_20A 0011_12 0003_4 0031_32 0006_7 0018_19 IMG_5804 copyPhotographer: Sarah Hugo-Hamman

Stylist: Sarah Hugo-Hamman


Hair and Make-up: Marchay Linderoth


Model: Azuli Peeters


certain items of clothing designed and made by Sarah Hugo-Hamman

Text by Malibongwe Tyilo


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