Nyamuach by Luca Vincenzo 02


We’ve been seeing a lot of South Sudan born and US raised model Nyamuoch in local campaigns and publications. We’re way into her; we jumped when collaborators Luca and Marieke sent us this previously unpublished fun shoot they shot with her earlier this year. “I met Nyamuoch at fashion week and got chatting. She is such an incredible beauty that I couldn’t resist asking if she would shoot with us. It was her 2nd or 3rd shoot in SA at the time – since then she really blew up – and the whole atmosphere was super relaxed. She came over, we had tea and chats about New York, Harlem, Yeezy Season 3 – she was called in for the casting – and we shot the story in our living room in a couple of hours,” Marieke tells us.”What I found so surprising when I talked to Nyamuoch was that prior to her trip to South Africa she was planning on quitting the industry. How? Why? It’s been so fantastic seeing her in basically every print magazine, the Mille Collines campaign, etc.  I’m just glad she was standing near me at the bar, and that I said hi, and got greeted in return with the most dazzling smile and the warmest heart, and that we got the chance to work with her.”

We’re happy you stayed darling! Skatties, enjoy Nyamuoch Girwath.

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Photographer: Luca Vincenzo / @lucavincenzo_ / www.lucavincenzo.com

Stylist: Marieke Merts / @mariekemerts

Model: Nyamuoch Girwath / @nyamuoch_girwath @20modelmanagement

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