I’m probably beginning to sound like a stuck record, but I’ve got to say it one more time that there is little that gets us more excited than local design and creativity. Seeing businesses spring up specifically to offer locally designed and produced fashion makes us want to jump up and scream “Yasssss skattie yassss!”. So, last week I popped into House of Napoleoné in Green Point, Cape Town.


The store, which opened in February this year was founded by friends and business partners Bheki Dladla and Luke Viviers, who met years ago at the Waterfront Theatre school. “We spoke about opening a space showcasing local designers but it was a bit of a pipe dream, and then this space became available and we thought it was such an amazing opportunity, and in such an amazing area.” Says Luke.

“Sophisticated young professional with a bit of sass,” is how Bheki describes the typical House of Napoleoné shopper. The designer pieces on offer for her were sourced with the help of the Cape Town Fashion Council, and the store doesn’t charge designers a rail fee as many shops do, they work on consignment instead. So hello there young designer, if you’ve got your merch ready and you’re wondering where to sell it, these are the guys to approach. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

IMG_6469 IMG_6475 IMG_6507 IMG_6489

“We don’t charge rail fees because we’re really trying to push the industry, and get the designers’ names out there. We’re in the business of showcasing local talent. “ says Bheki, “We also just got Luiz DeLaja from Ministry 4 Style on board, next month he will be clearing out the shop, and putting up mannequins to showcase his full range. We’re going to be hosting events like that more regularly over the next few months.”

“Although we’re focusing on womenswear at the moment, we want to open up a men’s shop as well. We like to think of this store as our prototype, and based on what we learn here, then we will move on to more,” adds Luke.

IMG_6452IMG_6497 IMG_6493

For now skatties, do make sure to keep up with H.O.N. on their facebook page here, and when in Green Point, peep them at Portside Mall, no. 43 Main Road.

Images and text by Malibongwe Tyilo

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