Hey Skat, ha’ ya doooin’?

Look, the weekend is upon us and Feb is just about done. It felt like forever! Was it the same for you? I mean, like, Feb is supposed to be the shortest month of the year, but this here 2016 heaux took his own damn sweet ass time. Maybe I was just suffering the consequences of Dezember jol vibes, the debt that piled up because jolling and vibes (“let’s go on a drive”, “okay”, “brunch?”, “okay”, “lunch?”, “okay”, “alles?”, “I’m keen”). I think that must be why Feb felt long. Ja, no, the rand felt seriously low. What’s Pravin’s story, by the way? Is he hitting us with a tax hike? Anybody pay attention to that? I was at the jol!

Speaking of which, are you going to YOH! this Saturday? I think it might just be a rad ass edition, boo, come through! My girl Nonku is playing, alongside them John Wizards, Maxime Alexander, Dada Shiva, and Seferino. Sounds dope, nne?


In case you are clueless about WTF I’m talking about, maybe let me give you a taste of what my gurl Nonku does. My most fav of her tracks is the incredible “Things We Do on the Weekend”. No, it’s dope. Pay attention!

You can’t even!

So, ja. Come through let’s jol.

Our friends at YOH! are so dope they’ve allowed us to invite one of you to come along to the jol, so if you’re keen on a double ticket (you’ll be saving R60 if you’re dressed up, and R80 if you’re not), holla at me and I’ll have your tickets ready and waiting for you on arrival at Assembly on Saturday night. All you gotta do is tweet me and tell me which act you’re looking forward to seeing and what song you’ll be singing along to as they play.

Sweet deal? A’ight then, tweet me at @Sandiso_N and hashtag #YOHPromNight

If you tag a picture of you at your matric dance, seeing as the theme is “Prom Night”, I might just prioritise your entry. Come, let me see just how far you’ve come from those high school days. I’d share mine, but I missed my matric dance. The girl I was taking – yes, I was taking a girl – still hates me.

Anyway. More deets on the vibe over at the event page on the Facebeezow

By Sandiso Ngubane