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Earlier this year at South African Menswear Week, designer Rich Mnisi reached back to Zulu past and then forth to Zulu future and found elements to bring us some kinda genderqueer Zulu present in the form of Zulu Lounge, his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. The models walked out in shoes by Maria McCloy. We went nuts for it! So moved was Sandiso by the looks he immediately attached each look to a Queen Rih song title. That post is still worth a read, peep it here. The collection made us feel like we could shine like diamonds as we kicked down the boss’s door and demanded, “Bitch betta my money!”.

Now Rich has enriched that collection by blessing us with a lookbook that also includes womenswear. Stop reading, scroll down below, or click on an image to view as a slideshow. Stay blessed!

rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_08_0390_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_09_0475_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_10_0550_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_10_0586_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_11_0608_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_12_0727_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_13_0796_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_14_0867 1_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_15_0918_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_16_0920_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_17_0996_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_18_1015_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_19_1041_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_21_1084_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_25_1280_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_26_1320_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_26_1325_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_27_1368_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_28_1414_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_29_1435_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_30_1482_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_30_1505_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_35_1651_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_36_1700_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_37_1755_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_39_1846_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_40_1902_final rich_mnisi_15_04_2016_shot_41_1947_final
Photographer: Paul Samuels
Production: Ben Eagle
Make-up: Annice at MAC Cosmetics.
Hair: Orli Oh Meiri
Assistant: Sphesihle Zondo & Amy Zama
Models: Tommie & Isaac @ Boss JHB, Anna & DJ R @ Fanjam, Marc @ Solo, Tshepiso @ ICE JHB

Text by Malibongwe Tyilo

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