Description: Craig Jacobs brought out sporty African warriors onto the runway in mesh tops, offset with printed insets, often paired with knee-length dropped crotch pants. At times, the garments had buckles, something the designer called interpretive of the utilitarian nature of what we thought was the most engaging collection we’ve seen from him yet.

Wearability Score: 8/10

Peacocking Points: 7/10

While we weren’t as touched by his offering earlier in February at the A/W shows, we definitely enjoyed this one. Now we want those damn dropped crotch pants, we want those longer length numbers, and just to collect extra peacocking points for ourselves, we want the phone number of the make up artist who served up that face paint. If you spot us in public serving warrior realness in bright facepaint, don’t be shocked, act like you know skat. Think we might call it SKATTIEFACE, no?


IMG_2045 IMG_2029 IMG_1927 IMG_1901 IMG_1941 IMG_1884 IMG_1867

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