Description: Exploring a neutral palette with black and white dominating the collection, Julia M’poko demonstrated thoughtful design with her minimal, yet impactful ‘Shibui Kanzo’ range. This is certainly a collection for the man with a taste for immaculate tailoring and clean lines. Emerald green worked perfectly with the black and white, the crisp linen, cotton and luxurious leather and silk, to communicate a fine sensibility. ‘Shibui Kanzo’, the designer said, is the Japanese concept of “eliminating all clutter”.

Wearability Score: 10

Peacocking Points: 7

Skattie Thoughts: We were quite excited about this show, because Julia M’poko launched her first womenswear collection just about a month ago, and this was her first menswear collection; she basically launched a whole new local brand over the last month. Congratulations Skat! Here she achieved a subtle simplicity without compromising design in a highly covetable collection. While masculine-inclined, it was nonetheless completely desirable for those of us who enjoy the blurring of gender lines in fashion. By ‘eliminating all clutter’, Julia managed to showcase the power of subtle, considered design and we love it without the slightest reservation. Also enjoyed how well the looks worked with those Adidas Stan Smiths.

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