Description: Having explored the macramé technique in his previous collection, Lukhanyo Mdingi this time expanded his exploration of fabric and the result is stunning, to say the least. ‘Silky’ and ‘pleated’ are not usually words one can use to describe menswear but that’s exactly what the young designer sent down the runway, and this fact alone makes his latest collection an innovative one. The navy blue hue made for maximum ethereal impact and the hats, by Skattie Fav Crystal Birch, were the perfect accessory for what the designer says is neither particularly men nor women’s wear in spite of the fact that he is generally regarded as a menswear designer.

Wearability Score: 8

Peacocking Points: 8

Skattie Thoughts: Skattie, we realise that we’ve probs covered Lukhanyo Mdingi much more than we have other designers since our relaunch, but every time we think we’ve exhausted all there is to say about this young designer, he slaps us with something that leaves our jaws on the floor. We sat through the show, almost tearing up at the skattieliscious beauty of this collection.

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