Description: Black and white seems to be the big trend of SA Menswear Week SS15, with print and, obvs, design signature being the big distinguishing factor between the various collections that took to the runway. Merwe Mode toed this line while bringing an urban edge, with garments that were big on detail. We enjoyed the cleanliness and the understatedness of the range, along with the addition of sage green accents.

Wearability Score: 10

Peacocking Points: 6

Skattie Thoughts: Deeva van der Merwe and Sarah Wocknitz told us backstage that they never name their collections because they feel their work should speak for itself, and that it did! While grounded in streetwear, their collection felt refreshing and highly wearable without being pedestrian. You’d have to be living under a particularly heavy rock not to know about the current influence of womenswear on menswear. We saw quite a bit of that here, in the soft tailoring, drapey tops and, a play on the cropped top. We must say that in comparison to other ranges, even with those influences the range still felt very masculine. That in itself is an interesting balance to be able to maintain, especially in a menswear market like we have in South Africa, one that still displays an overwhelming demand for masculinity from its menswear.

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