Description: Paledi Segapo presented a collection for the man who isn’t “intimidated”, he told us backstage after his show, which saw models coming out with gold painted beards. His ‘Decadence’ collection juxtaposed masculinity with elements traditionally associated with women’s wear- lace and crop tops, in particular. There were some tailored looks, mostly white, with black and claret stripe panels- a brief nod to the suiting Palse Homme is perhaps more closely associated with by most. The all-white lace numbers then followed.

Wearability Score: 6

Peacocking Points: 8

Skattie Thoughts: Of course a man wearing lace or a crop top will turn heads! This, like a lot of past Palse Homme collections, was high on peacocking value but registered a slight departure from that. We do enjoy flirtations with queerness, which came in the form of the lace numbers and a crop top among the white, black and claret stripe looks, which we thought were the most enjoyable of the lot. Perhaps it’s the bold simplicity of it that made these looks, in particular, most appealing.

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