Description: Presidential Shirt, obvs, evoked the spirit of the late president Nelson Mandela with print shirts similar to those made famous by the man who still doesn’t have any noticeable statue in Cape Town. There were silk shirts and hand-painted Batik, inspired by the original Desre Buirski design for Madiba, coming out alongside shweshwe, digital prints, and jacquard suiting.

Wearability Score: 7/10

Peacocking Points: 6/10

Skattie Thoughts: The designer took the Mandela inspiration to an impressive level, but doing so, and bringing this aesthetic to fashion can be quite tricky. Seen up-close, we thought the hand-painted fabric was nothing short of amazing. However, we thought the cuts could have ventured away from Mandela’s loose fits, embracing a more modern aesthetic, and the styling could have been a little more adventurous. Had this been the case, this collection would have been even more exciting to watch. Then again, we’re probably just a bunch of fashion queens, who are lusting after some of those prints and wishing they had a more queer fit. *wink*

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