Description: Terrence Bray embraced smart as casual. The designer called the collection a celebration of where he is “going”, which makes one wonder where that might be for a Durbanite who’s always brought the East Coast vibe to South African runway fashion. Looking at it, there’s a global outlook that it reflects without departing from the Afro-tropical feel one has come to expect from Bray’s work.

Wearability Score: 9/10

Peacocking Points: 3/10

Skattie Thoughts: When taken apart, we find this to be a particularly easy range to wear, and we hope Terrence sells a lot of it; we do love it when a designer make$ that dough. We also love the way the colour palette came together, not only in the collection as a whole, but within each individual outfit. That is what takes this range of familiar silhouettes and colours, to absolute skattielisciousness.

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