I’m not even sure where to start, Skattie. This event was so damn gorgeous and overwhelming. Let’s start with the location, which was sculptor Dylan Lewis’s sculpture garden (you heard right), which only opens to the public (you) next year sometime. Then there’s all the designers Jackie asked to reach into their archives and repurpose some garments: KLûK CGDT, Black Coffee, Marianne Fassler, Suzaan Heyns, Vesselina Pentcheva and Superella. Sprinkled in-between the designers were other installations, including a particularly enchanting one by Karen Ter Morshuizen, featuring her collection of Japanese vintage silk kimonos. Of course a big shout to the fashion mind of KØ’s Juanita Køtzé who collaborates with Jackie to put it all together. Then there were the amazing talks, and the amazing food and flower installation by Chanelle Schoon and Blomboy. I could go on and on, but I think the pics speak for themselves.
IMG_1795 IMG_1801 IMG_1806 IMG_1808 IMG_1811 IMG_1817 IMG_1825 IMG_1886 IMG_1913 IMG_1921 IMG_1933 IMG_1937 IMG_1961 IMG_1965 IMG_2001 IMG_2011 IMG_2016 IMG_2018 IMG_2027 IMG_2093 IMG_2043 IMG_2048 IMG_2065 IMG_2074 IMG_2095 IMG_2097 IMG_2104 IMG_2123 IMG_2139 IMG_2351 IMG_2149 IMG_2160 IMG_2171 IMG_2211 IMG_2238 IMG_2280 IMG_2288 IMG_2289 IMG_2305 IMG_2321 IMG_2385 IMG_2336 IMG_2327 IMG_2331 IMG_2340 IMG_2343 IMG_2350Images and text by Malibongwe Tyilo

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