You can obvs tell by the images and the title that I was at the L‘Ormarins Queen’s Plate. As with last year and the year before that, and the one before that and so on and so forth, it was a lovely event. It also offered a much needed escape from the very real world we live in, and the very real way the year in South Africa has started. Well, at least for those who could get their hands on a ticket. Imagine a world where the chi-chi set didn’t have fierce outfits and fabulous events to escape to in times of strife and hashtags. Nay, perish the thought. Some been so woke lately that they’ve been looking forward to a little nap time.

Unfortunately nap time was cut a bitjie short, turns out that in 2016 one’s got to be woke 24/7. Saturday’s escape was not as complete as I had imagined it, thanks to one Nicole de Klerk, who I found out on twitter yesterday decided to call people kaffirs at the event. Read the story on The Times here. I am rather impressed by the frequency with which the more emboldened racists are jumping out of the closet in 2016. I am also very curious about what the fuck these people put on their New Year’s resolution lists. Guys, this not what they mean when they say ‘live your truth’. Anyway, don’t let my monkeying around deter you, keep coming out, closet life is not a vibe.

Thankfully, I read that this particular white supremacist was kicked out by the LQP organisers, and her employers, The Talent Room, who hired her last week Wednesday, fired her by Sunday, following the news of her actions on Saturday. Henceforth, for the Nicoles who tried, the ones who thought they could, I shall change #byefelicia to #byenicole, or maybe #byedeklerk has a better ring to it, lemme give it a bit more thought.

Also, fuck Nicole for ruining my planned write-up about how “Blue and White” as a theme year after year keeps saving us from the fashion horrors that exist in the human imagination. Seriously, a dresscode theme can sometimes bring out the worst in some people. I’ve had to break up with friends due to poor execution of a theme. It may be tricky to avoid the racists stealthily walking amongst us, but bad taste is easier to identify, best not to unnecessarily expose oneself to its horrors. But ja, this blue and white mission is the shit. I mean, look at them:

IMG_5868 IMG_6064 IMG_5898 IMG_5931 IMG_6022 IMG_6129 IMG_5988 IMG_5972 IMG_6091 IMG_6255 IMG_6205 IMG_6156 IMG_6141 IMG_6292 IMG_6361 IMG_6460 IMG_6315 IMG_5865 IMG_6244 IMG_6076 IMG_6312 IMG_6418 IMG_6338 IMG_6258
Images and text by Malibongwe Tyilo

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