BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER SKAT, GET YOUR DOWNLOAD ON RIGHT HERE, FOR THE LATEST COPY OF OUR SKATTIE CELEBRATES ONLINE MAG. Done? okay. Last week Thursday we hosted our third Skattie Celebrates exhibition-party-magazine launch at the AVA gallery. If you’re a bit fuzzy on what Skattie Celebrates is all about, make sure to read the intro inside the online mag. Also check out these links to see our Skattie Celebrates Unathi Mkonto and our Skattie Celebrates Laura Windvogel  party pics. Download links for both of those issues are right at the bottom of our home page. If you haven’t downloaded them yet I’d recommend you do, and get to know those artists too.

As usual, the Skattie Celebrates party is a collaborative effort. Firstly, we must thank Thania Petersen, the artist who not only let us show her work, but also created so much more additional work for our magazine. Also, major thanks to ArtAFRICA, our partners who designed the magazine, and to the AVA gallery who hosted us for the second time. As for the event itself, it would not be as fun without our beverage partners Spier Wine Farm, and Cruz Vodka. Sandiso and I are also super grateful to our dear friend Cherize Ross, who came on board and showed us the value of a brilliant Project Manager. We look forward to so many more of these, we look forward to providing a solid platform for emerging young artists, and to growing arts audiences. Just in case you still haven’t downloaded your copy, what are you waiting for skat, CLICK HERE NOW!


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