If you’ve been around since we re-launched SKATTIE a month ago (what a month it’s been), you might be familiar with our #SKATTIEFAVS series, where we introduce you to some our favourites. They’re mostly people we know personally and who we feel represent what we’re about, especially when it comes to how they express their creativity and how they do their thang, people who define their path and whose vibe we can’t get enough of. The kind of people we think you must know about if you don’t already know them.

This week’s #SKATTIEFAV is Carine Nguz, whose travels inspire so much wanderlust in us. Some of you may be familiar with her award winning graphic design situation, some may know her as a model, and some may just know her from around Cape Town, especially since it is the one city she has lived in the longest. In her own words, “Out of all the places I’ve been, Cape Town is the only city I have ever lived in for more than 3 years! I’ve spent most of my life here and call it my home base.”

Just how much have you travelled?

I was born in Belgium, both of my parents are from Congo-Kinshasa, my mother from the BaKongo province, and my dad is from Katanga. I grew up in France, Kinshasa, the United States and South Africa. So far, I’ve traveled to Cameroun, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Botswana, Mozambique, Holland, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Italy.

Is all of this travel for fun or business? 

It’s for both. Also, my family and close friends are spread out around the globe, so when I get the opportunity to consume these relationships, I don’t think twice.


Photography by Kate Davies

And what’s your favourite city?

I have so much to discover still – Asia, South America, more Africa, etc. I can’t imagine picking just one favourite. Can I get back to you in +-8 years?

I know you’re a graphic designer, but you always seem busy with multiple projects. What do you do exactly?

Well, graphic design, art direction, and at times I am a creative consultant for individuals and brands alike. I’m also model, and a DJ on the side.

 All freelance work?

Within the graphic design & advertising field, any job I’ve ever done has been independent contract work. So technically, although it may seem otherwise, I’ve been a freelancer throughout my whole professional career! 10 years.


Photography by Anne Wilk

Are there any interesting projects you’ve been part of lately that you’d like to tell us about?

Recently I was a part of Petite Noir’s upcoming video, shot here in CT. I grew up with Yannick and it means a lot that besides sharing a ‘Congolese community in Cape Town’ childhood, we’ve both landed up in the creative field – working in different mediums (music vs design), collaborating where we can, and ultimately contributing to the cultural fabric of the city that has claimed us as its own.

What’s next for you?

I’m headed to Stockholm for a shoot, it’s for H&M & other stories – such a cool brand. I love their bold cuts, nude colours, minimal meets rock n’ roll vibes. It’s very feminine and seductive, and I’m pleased to be representing that. Afterwards I’m heading off to Greece to shoot for London-based Swiss brand Stefanie Biggel. She’s collaborating with South African textile & print designer Klaus Jurgen Schmidt for her new S/S 16 range. I’m a big fan of Klaus’ work, and looking forward to being a part of their presentation for London Fashion Week this September.


Photography by Kate Davies

Speaking of the modeling, let’s deal with the teeny weeny little elephant in the room, because you know, skatties want to know. How do you always stay in shape?

I lifehack it: mid to high stress levels, pedestrianism, occasional hiking and yoga – preferably bikram, which keeps me elongated and lean rather than muscly and boob-less. I also love good food and eating well. I’ll try to resist wheat and certain dairy, but then again I won’t beat myself up for a croissant or the occasional 6-cheese macaroni. So, exercise is key! Oh, and I try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and to get the sleep that my body needs, which is all not easy when you’re super busy.

Follow Carine’s adventures on instagram @carine_nguz, and on twitter @CuriousCarine










Images supplied by Carine Nguz

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