There are people one likes because they are nice to look at. I mean: what’s a queen to do? There are others you like because they’ve got kick-ass swag and others you like because they are just plain adorbs and all.

Others we like because they are doing nice things and because we like things, we gravitate towards them. Personally, there’re also people I like because I think they are generally cool and I think what they do means something for my generation.

Patrick Visser is one of these people and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also just a chilled and sometimes crazy person whose Facebook status can often be something off-beat like: “tonight’s gonna druk but it would druk even more if somebody brought some KFC to The Assembly for me”.

Okay. Anyway. That’s just me, but now that it is out in the open that I stalk Visser, let me tell you a little bit about what he does.

Visser is the founder of YOH! the events, streetwear and other stuff brand you know you’ve heard about. Last year, Visser helped organise the inaugural Cape Town Streetfood Festival with another good friend of SKATTIE, Hannerie Visser (no relation). He’s also a classic example of someone who fits the ‘forward-slash generation’ vibe I like pretty nicely. What’s the forward-slash generation vibe, you ask? It’s that thing that marketing people refer to as millennials: kids born between 1980 and the mid-nineties. We are forward-slashers because we tend to do a lot of things at the same time. Check out a twitter bio near you, you’ll see what I kind of mean.

Apparently we are lazy and don’t like calling anyone ‘baas’, but people I’ll be posting about on #SkattieFavs are, for me, proof of the fact that as much as we like the party and favour the ‘bitch better have my money’ (#BBHMM) life to the 9-to-5 hustle, we’re always on the hustle regardless. Let me stop talking so much and let Visser do his own talking about his hustle and vibe.

What is the best thing about being a full-time hustler?

The best thing is being your own boss and realizing that everything I do benefits myself. It’s hard work, but it’s also motivation knowing that I’m making everything happen

What worries you most about the #BBHMM hustle?

Probably not having a predetermined salary each month but that also serves as motivation to work hard and make things happen.

Have you ever sought full-time employment and why?

I used to be employed full-time before studying. I started YOH! as a fun, part-time passion project whilst studying and registered it as a business afterwards when it started becoming a more serious, full-time thing. I realised it had the potential to become something real and sustainable.

Have you, at any point, ever been tempted to seek employment? If so, what kept you from doing so?

I have thought about it when certain objectives weren’t achieved or something didn’t come to fruition, but then something great happens and I realise that all the struggles and hardships are worth it. Reaping rewards from self-employment is so much more gratifying than doing it for someone else’s benefit.

Who would you say is your favourite hustler of your generation in SA and why?

There are quite a few people whose hustle I respect. I see you doing well for yourself, babe. I see you. Off the top of my head I’d have to say Henk van der Schyf. Henk is responsible for Park Acoustics, Hotbox Studios, Capital Craft and various other endeavours. That guy’s built an empire for himself out of nothing and he is still super young and a dad. He basically runs Pretoria. It’s impressive as fuck.

Images from YOH! streetwear’s last capsule collection… 

YOH10133 YOH10041 YOH10564 YOH10730colour YOH11145 YOH11274


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