Kirsten Goss employs about twenty people and owns four boutiques- one they share with Missibaba in Cape Town, one in Johannesburg, another in Durban and one in London, where the qualified gemmologist and jeweller first established her eponymous jewellery brand back in 2002. “I went to the UK to earn money and job experience. I never planned to start a London-based company per se, it was just where I found myself living at that time,” Kirsten, pictured above alongside Missibaba’s Chloe Townsend, tells Skattie. “When it’s your baby, you will make it work anywhere. Businesses and brands are very organic entities and my biggest asset is that I have always found myself with the energy to take on the next challenge. Never tell me ‘no’ or ‘can’t’.”

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This ‘can-do’ attitude and a creative vision that has sustained her brand for almost a decade and a half is perhaps what makes Kirsten Goss one of the most recognisable South African accessories brands, but still, Kirsten doesn’t see her’s as being a South African brand, per se. She sees it as more of a global brand, and why should she limit herself to calling it South African? “I don’t worry or consider myself a South African designer. I’m a South African who designs,” she says but adds that she recognises the appeal of the South African brand in the bigger context of things. “The global village is upon us and I think that the South African label is as cool and on trend, as any right now. I am constantly fascinated with who picks up my brand in all corners of the world. The market loves things new, thing founds and exploration. The world’s consciousness is dialled in to smaller niche brands and design that bucks the zeitgeist.”

In terms of the brand itself, Kirsten is clear that it remains very important to her that she drives the creative vision in spite of the fact that, as an entrepreneur, it is her responsibility to see to it that the business side of things is taken care of. “Every range is me, refined with my production team, but I am the one who ultimately sits with the responsibility. It is the part of the business I love most. I don’t think there will ever be a day that the designs get laid out and I just sign them off, its too souless for me.”

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