We’ve said it before, we love it when an awesome campaign or lookbook created right here on this soil drops into our mailbox. By the way, Skattie sees some of y’all who strictly mail your work over the seas, but to none of your neighbours, go on and get your fame boo, Skattie wishes you all the euros, Skattie don’t begrudge you that. Skattie just wonders why your email database is strictly .co.uk when it matters, but .co.za when you got nothing but leftovers to serve. Like Brenda said, “Hamb’ uzobuya mtshana wam”. Anyway, askies, too much salt in my breakfast this morning. Where were we? Yes, the MDINGI COUTTS A/W 16 campaign. How fucking beautiful? And it was shot in the Eastern Cape nogal. Yasss, come thru EC.

You know we’re big fans of past collaborations between photographer Travys Owen and Art Director Gabrielle Kannemeyer, they just never disappoint. Add to that the MDINGI COUTTS A/W 16 collection and well…the pictures speak for themselves. “Gabrielle and I conceptualised this story last year whilst traveling for a job in Middleburg South Africa. Both Lukhanyo and I are from the Eastern Cape just on the border of the Transkei, an area that I frequently visit twice a year and have been waiting years to find a story that I could shoot there. As soon we saw the collection we knew it would be a perfect fit,” Trav tells us.  *place slow clap here*

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Photographer: Travys Owen
Art Director and Stylist: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Designers: Lukhanyo Mdingi x Nicholas Coutts
Model: Daniel Phaalha @ Loys Models.
Assistant: Neville Sleigh

Belts: Ilundi
Commissioned Knit-Bags: Krafthaus’

Text by Malibongwe Tyilo

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