It’s been a crazy few weeks out here in the skattieverse. We’ve been workin’ and plottin’ all types of skattielisciousness, which will be revealed to you over the next few weeks and months. Naturally, we had to take a moment, down tools, drive out of Cape Town and deep into the Klein Karoo. We found ourselves a little cottage in the mountains with no cellphone signal and no internet, deep in the Groenfontein Valley, just 11km outside Calitzdorp, a little dorpie about four hours from Cape Town. And for a couple of days we indulged in some slow living, with only the sound of chirping birds as our soundtrack.IMG_7052 IMG_7033 IMG_7178 IMG_7279 IMG_7293 IMG_7060 IMG_7039 IMG_7067 IMG_7080 IMG_7160 IMG_7084 IMG_7110 IMG_7114 IMG_7142 IMG_7172 IMG_7236 IMG_7310 IMG_7197 IMG_7319 IMG_7204 IMG_7208 IMG_7207 IMG_7071 IMG_7269 IMG_7222 IMG_7149


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