I don’t want to repeat myself, so I’m not going to tell you about how much I love an awesome lookbook or how much I love art director/creative director Gabrielle Kannemeyer’s work. No, today I’m gonna take to heart a piece of advice a kind and intoxicated stranger gave me on the streets of Cape Town when I first moved to the city many years go. I can’t remember what I’d said, but I remember the response: “Hou jou groot bek, jou ma se ….” The sweetest of Kaapse admonishments. So today, with regards to this lookbook for jewellery designer Steffany Roup’s collection, I am going to let Gabrielle, the project’s creative director do the talking:

“I fell in love with Steffany’s jewellery when she had that incredible collaboration with Keith for AKJP a couple of years ago. The bold, almost sculptural brass chunks were refreshing in a time when jewellery was safe. So when she asked us to conceptualize her new lookbook I was excited.” Inspired by the collection, Gabrielle Kannemeyer and photographer Kyle Weeks set out to take a series of portraits of local artists and muses. “I wanted to provide the models with a platform to represent themselves – an opportunity to have themselves seen the way they desire. Being that many of the people cast were artists and designers with their own aesthetics I thought it was important. I provided a rail of clothing; I invited them to bring their own looks and sentimental objects, and I helped them with regards to styling. My services were there for them if they needed to be utilized. Everyone was different: on Keith I added the Rich Mnisi jacket, with Githan we did a whole look, he wanted to be immersed in the experience, with Unathi we changed his look up with the G-Star utility vest, Siya picked a blue suit from my rail and then I finished it off with a couple of layers. Nothing was styled or added without the permission of the cast,” explains Gabbi. “With regards to set design, I was inspired by the late Malick Sidibé. The way one could alter sets in a minute to suit the subject intrigued me. The set became a changeable thing that I reassembled for every person. Again, this process was inclusive of the cast, I wanted everyone to feel a part of the process.”

And that skattie is why we are feeling the realness here!!!


Queezy (https://www.instagram.com/tickletollie/?hl=en)


Seun Logan (https://www.instagram.com/seunlogan/)


Githan Coopoo (https://www.instagram.com/githancoopoo/?hl=en)

4 5

Keith Henning (http://www.adriaankuiters.com/)


Julia Brewis


Unathi Mkonto (http://unathimkonto.tumblr.com/)


Siya Andi Biyela (https://www.instagram.com/siyaandibiyela_/?hl=en)


Anita Clare Atuanya (https://www.instagram.com/ani_clare/?hl=en)



Azuli Peeters (https://www.instagram.com/zuluwarrior/?hl=en)

Azuli Peeters (https://www.instagram.com/zuluwarrior/?hl=en)


Creative Direction, casting and set design: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Photography: Kyle Weeks

Photographic Assistant: John Second

Wardrobe Assistant: Anita Clare Atuanya

Text by Malibongwe Tyilo


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