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When we posted our very first installment of The Icon Series just under a month ago, featuring designer David Tlale, I mentioned that, to Sandiso and I, this felt like a gift from Lindiwe Suttle, the series’ executive producer and interviewer. After watching this second one with Jackie Burger, that sentiment is even stronger. I only watched it for the first time yesterday, and it really just blew me away in its beauty, humility, and honesty.

When Lindiwe sent it to me yesterday we had a bit of a discussion about its length, because at 12 minutes, it is far too long. These days, for a video to get lots of views it’s wise to keep it under five minutes, but in the end we loved every second of this interview, and it reminded us why we started this series in the first place. It wasn’t because we needed to go viral, but rather to document, to celebrate, and to keep an archive of people whom we believe have, and continue to make a mark on South African fashion. It is not only something to be watched by current audiences, but a series we hope might be a reference for future fashion enthusiasts, many years from now.

Executive Producer : Lindiwe Suttle of Honey Badger Productions

Associate Producers : Malibongwe Tyilo & Sandiso Ngubane of SKATTIE

Video Production : Tashinga Mutakwa & Des Dlamini of

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