A couple of months ago, we told you about Armand Dicker. We highlighted his AFI fast track range and told you he was one to keep an eye on. Well, this week Armand launches his label DICKER, with a S/S 16 range called The Calling, which he developed in collaboration with Mohair South Africa. Although rooted in menswear, the collection is genderless. Because seriously, who even does gender anymore? We are loving the gothic undertones, as well as the leather and mohair contrast. Not to mention the hottie in the lookbook. Shit we ain’t even mad that Armand wants us to do summer in leather and wool, we’ll sweat it out happily while looking fly as fuck! We want more of that DICKER! Keep up with @dickerofficial on instagram.
Campaign Sneak Peek Look 1 Look 2 Look 3 Look 4 Look 5 Look 6 Look 7 Look 8
Photography: @CharlemagneOlivier
Styling: @KyleBoshoff011 and @Gregory_Russill
Grooming: @FlowersTasteBad

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