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Yes it’s been a while. If you been around these parts for a minute you’ll know that these moments come where for a week or two the might be no posts. It happens, you’ll learn to deal or you’ll leave us for greener more predictable pastures. Nothing deep to it really, one runs out of steam for the party life and the only thing that makes sense is to chill at home and watch pirated series dvd’s. Maybe it’s an age thing.. A coupla months ago I had an incident at the waterfront, I walked out of the elevator as four…uhmmm…youths walked in. One held his arm out pushing the others aside and he said “make way for the uncle”. After looking over my shoulder, in search of the “uncle”, it clicked, I was the Uncle. Little shits looked as though they were somewhere around twenty, twenty one. And there’s me foolishly thinking we looked like people from the same generation, like we could be facebook friends or follow each other’s blogs or some shit like that. Yeah sure I weigh 30 kilos more than I did at their age but what the fuck? Yes I ‘ve been spending my Saturday afternoons at cat shows far beyond the boerewors curtain but they don’t know that, does it show? Anyway fuck’em, fuck their smooth skin, their lean bodies and high sex drives. and bless my cats for doing so well last week at the Western Province Cat Show (don’t judge me bitch, you don’t wanna go there, I judge harder). Anyway, Azange and Shado got themselves so many awards and my Shado is officially a Premier, and now we look forward to the Grand Supreme prize at the next show, the Nationals, which by the way will be held on the 2nd of June in Bothasig. And no I have no idea where Bothasig is, or how far behind the Boerie curtain it is. However, I will be taking my camera with me. I forgot it last weekend and I missed out on so many shots of next level skattielisciousness, like really motherfucking next, I’m talking multicoloured hair, in primary colours, bless! Fuck Glee and their sectionals, this shit is gonna be realer.

By the way, the pics are random, from diff events, some France some SA. Except the Azange and Shado pics below, along with the cat competition ribbons.




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