No, really! Who gives a blog? I remember just a few years ago when I started my own blog Trends Beyond Threads, having read up about people like Bryan Boy and The Sartorialist and thinking: well, you know, if I really want to write about fashion in this country, this is probably the route I need to be taking. At the time, no one was actually reaaaaallly writing about fashion, except perhaps a few isolated bloggers and, still, real fashion commentary is hard to come by. Bloggers are much more concerned with attending parties and looking snaz on that Insta than actually creating content that one wants to engage with. Personally, I got bored with the blogging format, but it’s a scene that is very much alive with a few really good blogs that warrant following in a sea of really just crappy stuff that is worth no one’s time. So, I ask again: who gives a blog?

“From a consumers perspective, I think blogs are important because they are more relatable than magazines,” says Siyabonga Beyile, the blogger behind The Threaded Man. Catering to the menswear consumer, Siya’s blog is probably one of the few recognisable ones in this category. I mean, let’s face it: who else is there? (no, really, tweet me names).


“Blogs are run by real everyday people. They are able to introduce trends that people wouldn’t try from seeing in magazines. Also, when consumers follow a blogger, it’s a journey and consumers feel like they are growing with the blogger.”

The Threaded Man has ‘likes’ shy of 6, 000 on Facebook and over 3, 700 Twitter followers. On Instagram The Threaded Man has a following of 2, 240 and its founder has a following of almost double that. Quite impressive, considering the blog was only launched in February 2013, but it’s also indicative of the founder’s dedication to creating a platform based on content creation rather than self-admiration and humble bragging. I’m pretty sure he does a lot of that, but a look at The Threaded Man suggests that Siya understands the menswear consumer and is constantly sharing his fashion knowledge with them.

“I really became a content creator in my first year at fashion school. I felt that if I was studying fashion, I could use what I was learning to create amazing content. Also at that time, I felt that there were no real men’s fashion content creators who created content that was within reach for South African consumers. My journey as a blogger has been a rewarding one because I have been able to build a unique blog that has become a staple in the South African menswear industry. It hasn’t been an easy journey but worth it,” he tells Skattie.

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How does Siya envision the future of blogging? He doesn’t. He envisions a 21st century fashion empire that spans the continent: “a good mix between LVMH & Condenast,” he says, referring to the owners of Louis Vuitton and the publishers of magazines including Vogue and GQ.

The journey there has begun with the 21-year-old turning his blog into an agency-like operation to deliver curated content for clients. I have a business partner who invested into The Threaded Man. I’m now a shareholder and creative director of a company I founded at 21, which is surreal. Not only do we now publish on our portal but we offer brands a wide range of services. The Threaded Man team includes graphic designers, copy writer, photographer and videographers, to name a few. If you look through our portal, you will see the wide range of services we offer and some of the brands we have worked with.”

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