Skattie is blessed with many, many, many talented friends whose work we enjoy and love sharing with you, because, I mean, if we don’t celebrate each other, who will? As such, we are delighted to share our friend Zander Opperman’s latest fashion editorial titled “Mosadi Muted”, in collaboration with stylist Lenny-Dee Doucha, Orli Oh Meiri on creative direction and another Skattie Fav Armand Dicker assisting. At first glance, we are reminded of the Women’s March on Pretoria, protesting pass laws back in 1956. In case you didn’t know, this is the day we celebrate every year on August 9th. Women from all walks of life gathered to march to the Union Buildings to protest against the apartheid regime’s pass laws. Yes, Women’s month is still a whole June and July away, but you know, we are all about celebrating women all day, every single day because, give us a reason not to.

Says Zander, who photographed the editorial:

We wanted to capture a glimpse of a moment in a woman’s life that you might have happened to made eye contact with on the streets of Johannesburg. Except we want to portray Johannesburg as an industrial, concrete city that is run by women. In essence we want to portray the contrast of life as a woman in Johannesburg. Is she the victim, constantly preyed on. Her hope to survive is to blend into the background, allowing herself to be muted. At the same time she is also the protagonist, dangerous rather than the one in danger. The aesthetic for wardrobe and make-up, as well as the look and feel is early 40’s Germany. When the Country was at it’s most prosperous time.

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Creative Director: Orli Oh Meiri
Stylist: Lenny-Dee Doucha
Models: Jess at Boss, Tess Ice Models, Anele at Ice Models
Photographer: Zander Opperman
Assistant: Armand Dicker
Text by Sandiso Ngubane

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