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Grade 11 Bishops College student Musa Nyangiwe is emerging as part of a new generation of South African fashion bloggers. We first spotted Musa, aka The Cool Kid, on the front rows of SA Menswear Week just two weeks ago. Considering he is on Superbalists’ Superb 100 list, he is obviously getting noticed. As part of our on-going Who Gives A Blog series, we decided to get in touch with Musa and ask him… Well… Who Gives A Blog?
Why did you go into blogging?

I felt a need to have a place to share my ideas about fashion and youth culture, and felt that as the youth we lack platforms online where information about fashion-related things is available.
Why fashion and not, say, music or even politics?

Fashion, to me, is an art form that I believe anyone can learn and everyone can understand. You can always tell apart someone who works in finance from an art teacher and so the power it has to give you an identity without saying a word is so important to me. That’s why I chose fashion. Plus there’s way too much bullshit(couldn’t find a better word, sorry) in politics.

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How long have you been blogging and how has the experience been so far?

Only 5 months. I started halfway through March but only after guest blogging on A Fashion Friend. So far I have loved every second of it; the amazing people I have gotten to know and the wonderful experiences I’ve had at events such as SA Menswear Week have made the late sleeps worthwhile!

What are your thoughts on the South African blogging scene and
where do you see yourself fitting in, in what many would say is an
oversaturated environments? And would you agree that it is

The SA blogging scene is in my opinion a constantly growing one with new blogs popping up out of nowhere every second, which isn’t a bad thing because then its not the same bloggers at every event getting all the collaborations, etc. The only problem with so many blogs is that a majority of them aren’t at a level where they can be considered competition to anyone and also, I feel like too many people go into blogging for all the wrong reasons. I see myself as the first of the new wave of bloggers coming through with new ideas about what blogging is and what the industry is and should be in this country. I think there is more than enough space in the blogging world but only if you make space for yourself. What I have learned is that everyone is running the same race but you have to take your own lane, otherwise you fall behind those who have been running for longer.

What has been your experience of interacting with brands as far as
blogging is concerned?

I have been so fortunate that some brands like LEVIS have seen the potential in me and my blog and have been my number one supporters from the beginning. However, there have been some ‘no’s from retail brands just because I haven’t paid for 20k followers, so my ideas aren’t worth the trouble, but I guess that comes with the territory and it has only forced me to work harder.

Have you considered blogging as a business, and how do you imagine
it can become business?

Yes, of course. In fact, I am counting on it becoming a business! In the near future I would like to turn my blog into more of an online youth culture magazine with all things youth that are also related to fashion, of course.

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What, in your opinion, are the kind of attributes one needs to
become succesful at blogging?

I am not ‘successful’ yet but everything I have achieved I have not done without hard work, consistency and sacrifice, and by the latter I mean giving up hours of sleep; sometimes school-work (sorry mom); and the odd party here and there.

Do you think people care about blogs?

Yes. Bloggers should act as the bridge between brands and the people. Most people aren’t interested in spending time keeping up with trends; new designers etc, so they rely on bloggers to keep them updated on such stuff.

Any milestones you’ve set for yourself as far as your blogging
career is concerned?

By September, which is my birthday month, I would have been blogging for 7 months and I plan on having a custom domain and design for my blog and get rid of the oh-so discouraging “wordpress”!

Interview by Sandiso Ngubane

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