We’ve covered Young and Lazy and 2Bop a few times out here in the Skattieverse, and we’ve written a couple of pieces highlighting the disconnect between the mainstream ‘fashion industry’ and streetwear brands. Hence I was excited to check out the launch of Corner Store, in Woodstock, Cape Town. The new store is home to three local streetwear labels, Young and Lazy, Sol-Sol, and 2Bop. Those of you who are familiar with the brands will remember that they used to stock the same space in its previous incarnation as Smith & Abrahams. When S&A closed earlier this year the three guys behind the three brands, Anees Petersen, Mathew Kieser, and Anthony Smith, pooled their resources and took over the space to create a flagship store for their brands.


A moment that I found particularly amazing at the opening was just a little before the store opened. There was already a crowd outside waiting, and as soon as the doors opened they hit the rails and started shopping. I heard later that there was a special, a 20% discount for the first 20 shoppers. But even with that, the shopping didn’t slow down after the first 20. Now, I go to a shitload of events and shop openings, often very much on the mainstream side of things, and so far I haven’t witnessed that much excitement and shopping happening at a launch event, unless shopping vouchers are being given away. Admittedly, the events that I often go to are primarily media events, where we’re all praying the goodie bag is not gonna be another portable cellphone charger, or even worse, a candy bar.


But I digress; what I’m saying is, it is awesome and life-giving to watch the business of fashion in action, and on that day two weeks ago, I was mesmerized by the crowd queuing outside before the shop even opened, displaying the kind of buzz that’s often reserved for major international brands. Yet there they were, and it was an incredible pleasure to watch them shop once the shop opened. The story of how these guys have built an enthusiastic buzz and cult following for their brands, outside fashion weeks and with very little media coverage, is one we need to pay close attention to, and take notes from.

follow Corner Store on twitter @cornerstorecpt, and on their facebook page.

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