10 gift ideas for adults in “Songkran 2023”, guaranteed cuteness

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10 gift ideas for adults in “Songkran 2023”, guaranteed cuteness

Songkran is a long holiday on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th (17th Substitution Holiday), a festival that everyone must gather together. And in addition to being an important day like the Thai New Year, April 14th is also a family day. It can said that meeting adults during a long holiday Will be happier if I have something to carry with me. In addition to gifts. Choosing a gift is an equally important part.  The UFABET knows more than share 10 gift ideas. Given to adults of that kind recipient smiling together ever.

How to choose a gift for an adult in Songkran 2023

Choosing equipment that can use in daily life  : choosing something for someone. In addition to being a quality product and a tangible price. Choosing a recipient to use in daily life is another thing. That should consider in the first place. Whether it’s a pen or a picture frame. It’s something that always comes to mind first.

Choose the right timing and time  : giving gifts to adults. It’s not often given. But it is a form of respect, so giving gifts at the right time and at the right time will be especially endearing.

Observe the recipient’s preferences  : a gift that pleases the recipient. It shows the care of the giver. Choosing a gift by thinking about the recipient’s habits, personality, and hobbies. Therefore, it is an important part for giving. Because in addition to being liked by the recipient. It also recognizes the care as well.

10 gifts for adults suitable for Songkran

  1. health equipment
  2. incense set
  3. auspicious trees
  4. healthy shoes
  5. jewelry to enhance prestige
  6. home decoration accessories feng shui
  7. coffee machine set
  8. health basket
  9. healthy bedding
  10. cookware set

Health equipment

Surveillance and detection of abnormalities in the body has become an inevitable matter. Or an accident can happen at any time. Health equipment may be important at that time. PPTV compilation Complete health equipment

  • digital thermometer  digital thermometer Suitable for measuring temperature by inserting it in the armpit. or under the tongue Wait until the alarm sounds. or the numbers on the mercury stand still for a while and then read the value In most cases, this takes about 60 seconds. The value obtained from a digital thermometer is the maximum body temperature at that moment.
  • automatic blood pressure monitor will come with armband just use the strap fasten the upper arm and press the button The machine will pump air. and release the wind automatically You can instantly read the blood pressure readings on the screen.
  • The blood glucose meter or glucose meter comes with a glucose meter that can be plugged into the device. needle pen for fingertip puncture and the machine used for reading which will come with a digital number display screen
  • blood oxygen meter Used for measuring the amount of oxygen concentration in the blood stream. by using a red ray to shine through the fingers down to the hemoglobin in the blood and through to the bottom of the machine This red light detects the amount of oxygen contained in hemoglobin. and process the concentration into numbers displayed on the digital screen

auspicious tree

The greenery of the trees is soothing to gift ideas the eyes and relaxing the mind. Gardening with feng shui trees is another way. by a sacred tree. Whose name has a good meaning and help strengthen the horoscope in various aspects

  • The Supachok tree,   the Supachok tree, or “Yao Qianshu” has a meaning in Chinese that calls money or shakes money.
  • Wan Rich doesn’t quit Wan Rich doesn’t quit It is an auspicious tree that is believed to help people grow fortune such as winning the lottery.
  • Poi Sian Tree  “Poi Sian” means eight immortals. auspicious flower who believes that if any house Poi Sian blooms 8 flowers in one bouquet will be like eight immortal gods coming to the house and bringing good fortune
  • The fortune tree  “Last” has a meaning that indicates that one has a good destiny, great, ready to succeed. Keep moving forward, give luck, wish for anything as you wish.
  • golden tongue salika  Golden Tongue Salika Derived from the name of the bird Salika Is a bird of negotiations, work and trade. This sacred tree is believed to promote talks, negotiations, to listen to the melodious voice of the birds of salika. If picking a portable card to trade It will make you have good fortune, good fortune, successful negotiations. and easy to trade