History of “Hamburger” Fast Food Culture American Nationality 

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History of “Hamburger” Fast Food Culture American Nationality with an unusual origin.

get to know history And the traditional culture for America’s national food like Hamburger (hamburger) that everyone loves.

Before trying Shake Shack (Shake Shack), a hamburger restaurant (Hamburger), the most famous American fast food that has recently opened a branch in Thailand. with the concept of presentation Street burgers keep the culture alive. Reminiscent of the original hamburger from the past. Support by UFABET

Thai Rath Online therefore would like to invite you to know the history and culture of “Hamburger” that has its origins, however. Until making this type of fast food popular in the fast food market for a long time

Hamburger Evolution from culture of eating minced meat

Go back to the Mongol era ‘Salted minced meat’ was a preservation food that was popular in the military marches at that time. Imported into Russia during the colonial expansion period. It is staple protein food loved by Russians and has modifie. By bringing salted minced meat to eggs, onions and seasoning sauce to mix together until it becomes a famous dish like Steak Tatare.

Later, Steak Tatare spread in Europe through the ship trade. Starting from Germany, the city ‘Hamburg’ (Hamburg) is the first place to taste Steak Tatare until developing a recipe. That is more palatable, called Hamburg by bringing this minced meat to grill, bake, fry instead. Which is a menu. That anyone It can made with good taste until. It continues to be popular. in the German group

After the German immigration During immigration to the United States. 

Therefore bringing this recipe to spread until. It is the origin dish called ‘Hamburger’. Which is popular. And won the hearts of Americans the most by modifying the menu by adding bread, cheese, vegetables and various sauces, as well as developing hamburgers in many countries around the world until the special characteristics change according to the area.

American Hamburger (Cheese Burger) is the most popular around the world, easy to eat, good taste. The main ingredients are various types of minced meat. Grilled together with cheese, vegetables and sauces as ingredients, and bread.

Vietnamese Hamburger (Banh Mi Burger) A hamburger that is a combination of American and French. It is special because the bread dough uses baguette (French bread) to combine with ground meat, vegetables and various sauces.

  • Japanese and Korean hamburgers (Rice Burger, Bap Burger) hamburgers developed from sushi, which is a regular food of both nations, by bringing rice to sandwich with various meats. Consists of vegetables and sauces. It is an extension of sushi rolls.
  • Thai style hamburger (Thai Style Burger) The specialty of Thai hamburger got the idea from Rice Burger from Japan to develop further. by using glutinous rice as the main ingredient instead of bread flour with various types of minced meat In Thai flavors such as larb moo, grilled pork and grilled chicken come together to look like a hamburger. Makes it easier to change your eating patterns.
  • Philippine Hamburger (Chori Burger) A burger with a point of sale using the Philippine sausage itself. For example, Longanisa is the main protein. together with bread And has its own special style of sauce like Banana Ketchup, the main spicy seasoning sauce of the Philippines.
  • Chinese Hamburger (Roujiamo) Chinese Burger Called by Europeans, made from Baijimo flour, wheat flour mixed with yeast, bake with earthen turtles. To have a touch that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and get a special fragrance from the powder Usually stuffing is stewed pork or red pork. 

Although the hamburger It will not originate from the United States. 

But the popularity of fast food Food is still on the top menu list. According to statistics from the USDA United States Department of Agriculture (US Department of Agriculture), Americans consume 2.4 hamburgers per day, representing 50 billion pieces per year. So it is not surprising that hamburgers will be remembered. and became the national dish of the country

And has a selling point that continues to sold in terms of convenience, speed, delicious taste It is popular with people all over the world. Which is currently being use to create add value with excellent ingredients to become a food. That can continue to develop standards endlessly. Which perfectly removes the insult of being ‘junk food’.