Netflix opens a shop to follow the movie “Khon Hungry, Game Thirst”

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Netflix opens a shop to follow the movie “Khon Hungry, Game Thirst” Chuan Chim only April 11-23.

Hunger, Hunger, Thirsty Game, ” the new Netflix movie, is becoming the talk of the town. After becoming the number 1 popular movie in Thailand and number 3 in the world. Netflix’s platform right now. For those who are still into movies. Online would like to introduce you to ” HUNGER Restaurant “, a new restaurant open for fans. Followed to UFABET taste the special menu from this movie.

HUNGER Restaurant opens a special menu. Following the movie “Hunger, Thirst Game”

Netflix, the famous movie and series streaming platform. Experience a special experience by opening a specialty restaurant called ” HUNGER Restaurant “. Inspired by the movie HUNGER, Hungry People, Thirsty Game , which is one of the Thai Teemuns projects  that want to push content. Thai Originals on Netflix

The HUNGER Restaurant will concocting a special menu from the movie for fans to watch HUNGER, THE HUNGER. Can come and taste the menu. That appears in this movie by yourself. When Fine Dining vs. Street Food, the first and only place in Thailand, bringing 2 great dishes from 2 different food industries to compete.

For those who follow the footsteps of the movie at the HUNGER Restaurant, they will be able to choose 1 menu that will taste the delicious dish ” Stir-fried ” or ” Le Pleurnichard “, which the area of ​​the table for both types of food will be arranged in the same restaurant.

Open the experience of hunger from screen to plate: 2 dishes from the same ingredient.

Although the worlds of fine dining. Street food seem completely different. HUNGER Restaurant holds the concept of ” special or ordinary food “. value of hunger You decide. ” As Chef Paul in the movie puts it, 

The specialty of the food menu. That will brought to taste. All are made from the same ingredients, both luxury dishes like Fine Dining. And ordinary dishes like Street Food, just different in style, beauty and price. Using the same ingredients for both dishes as follows

  • twine
  • egg
  • shrimp
  • dried shrimp
  • tofu
  • sausage
  • spring onion

Inside the restaurant is divided into 2 sides (1 dish per side), the Fine Dining menu price 350 baht and the Street Food menu price 100 baht, where customers can eat only the selected side.

For Netflix’s new movie ” Hunger, People Hungry, Game Thirsty “, is directed by Dome-Sittisiri Mongkolsiri (director Sangkrasue), starring Chutimon. Chuengcharoensukying, Kan Sawasdiwat Na Ayuthaya and Peter-Nophachai Chainam. The movie tells the story of the dark side of the luxury food industry. and presents satirical issues of social class You can watch streaming through Netflix today.