Barcelona missed out on three points as Granada equalized 1-1.

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Barcelona missed out on three points as Granada equalized 1-1 at the last minute. After they had to be left with 10 men as Gabi was red carded in the 80th minute of the game.

The football game in which Nuevo Los Carmenes Granada started second to none. With a win from both Luis Suarez and Guinea. But miss all the targets in the first 25 minutes.

Barca also had a chance in the 38th minute Ferran Jutla received the ball from Gabi and hit the distance. But did not go into the frame.

In the 40th minute. It was also a chance for the visiting team. When Sergio Busquets gave Ousmane Dembele a shot from the right in front of the penalty area. UFABET That didn’t hit the target as usual.

In the second half. Both teams exchange punches, Granada had a chance from Darwin Machis. While Barca had a chance from Dembele. But neither of them were in the frame.

Until the 57th minute. Barca took the lead 1-0 from the moment that. Dani Alves open the ball to Luke de Jong heading out of the net.


In the 80th minute. Barca had to come down to 10 men when Gabi fouled heavily on Alex Goyado. The referee gave a second yellow card as a red card.

In the 90th minute. Granada equalized 1-1 until from a corner kick on the left. The ball hit Busquets’ arm coming in the direction of Antonio Puertas, who fired with a left shot into the top triangle decisively.

In injury time, the hosts were almost overtaken when Marc-Andre ter Stegen didn’t get the ball in front of his own goal, allowing Angel Montoro to steal a long shot, but Ter Stegen Young was fine. Recovered back and brushed off the back in time. The end of the game is tied 1-1, divided by points per team. Barcelona missed out.