Bernardo Silva prelude to the Manchester derby matches in advance

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Bernardo Silva, Manchester City midfielder, prelude to the Manchester derby matches weeks in advance, although he is close to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese team. any But when serving the agency, it is difficult to save Shin. So the five-time Ballon d’Or owner and Manchester United prepare to wipe the knees with tears.

Season 2021-22, either City as the reigning English Premier League champions or United in second place last season. They all want to dominate the British Isles, see from the dumping of the past summer.  

So bet on three points at Old Tampa, FL Ford 6 May . I . Difficult to concede to them the Bernardo went out to tell the senior henchman. Let’s hit like forgetting friendship.

Bernardo Silva prelude to the Manchester derby matches in advance

“ Moving back to Manchester United was a good thing for him. It’s a choice by myself, I’m looking for good things, ” Bernardo commented on ‘ Football Daily and ufabet  ‘.

“ You used to play for United when you were younger. and good work This point was also late career comeback ‘ Red Devils ‘ have – Now I do not know, Chris Gutierrez down to stop now . ” 

“ But hopefully we can overthrow his club. We will practice hard to suppress his ‘ Pirates .’ “

Incidentally, Head – International – Head league games since United ‘s Ole Gunnar Seoul tea as a manager . The team met Manchester City in the Champions League five times, losing only once ( won 3, draw 1).