Carragher disappointed the game for Paris, graded short-legged football.

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CBS Sports analyst Jamie Carragher has disappoint with Paris Saint-Germain’s defensive approach Yesterday’s. Champions League game losing 3-1 to Real Madrid. When losing focus in important moments resulted in being eliminated. Represents a lower level than the ad word.

PSG weighed in in the round of 16 , the first leg 1-0 , and the UFABET situation was good when they led the second leg to the Santiago Bernabeu 1-0 early in the game.  

But in the last half hour, he was nervous for Karim Benzema to hit a hat-trick in 17 minutes, turning the situation over to pass the 3-1 sign , resulting in two games 3-2. 

As an old defender , Carragher then dissected PSG ‘s four defensive wounds as being weaker than resisting the top team in the Champions League .

“ This is really humiliating. In just 11 seconds you get two shots. If Real Madrid are fighting U -15s or youngsters, that wouldn’t have happened yet. ” said the 2005 Champions League winner .  

“ What happened was extremely disappointing. A player of this level must have a strong mind and a fighting mind. ”

“ Especially when you are in a difficult situation, you have to break out. But when you concede a goal almost immediately after kicking the ball, it’s so embarrassing. ” 


 Thierry Henry has focused on captain Marquinhos’ personal mistake .  

“ The type of mistake that has been made shouldn’t be a Marquinhos player, and this is not the first time, but it is seen often. ”

“ Instead of holding the child out of the way, let him breathe. Instead, he was afraid of losing possession of the ball , passing the pass to Presnel Kimpembe, but Benzema was alert and began to snatch the goal . 

Incidentally, despite confirmation from the Director of Sports Leonardo that the team will continue this format until the end of the season. But local media believe both Leonardo and coach Mauricio Pochettino were soon sacked.