Jude’s Bellingham 103 million baht as very worthwhile.

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Teammates “The White King” Real Madrid has come out to admit that Jude Bellingham., the team’s in-form midfielder, is a worthwhile signing for the team. The England midfielder is off to a perfect start for Real Madrid, scoring 10 goals and providing three assists in his first 10 appearances for the team. According to ESPN, he’s off to an impressive start .

His performance in the Bernabeu has earned his teammates praise. Despite having a transfer fee of over 103 million euros this past summer. But looking at his performance, we must admit that this is a worthwhile signing, one Real Madrid player told สมัคร ufabet.

that Bellingham is “a professional from head to toe,” while the source added that His appearance and demeanor in his first pre-season game against AC Milan surprised everyone. The source said “It looks like he has been playing with us for two years,”

He has continued to improve, as demonstrated when inspiring Wales to the final four of Euro 2016, and Lineker, who also played in Spain as well alongside Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne, believes he is among the Isles’ very best.

the source further revealed. He believes the midfielder will also help boost Madrid’s image on the international market. For his spoken English, Bellingham has also been praised for his attitude. The midfielder’s “friendliness and approachability” are also evident.