Juventus interested in Adrien Rabiot form.

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Juventus are set to offer midfielder Adrien Rabiot a new contract to extend his contract. Instead of the old one that will expire next season.

Report from ‘ Serie A Mercato.com ‘ that after face problems with winning the heart of the previous head coach Come this season. The Frenchman footballer passed the exam because he was Max Allegri. Who has used more than 38 games in all events making two assists. Until returning to the French national team directory both were interest in many European camps.  

That’s why Allegri want to block those UFABET moves. Including ensure that Adrien Rabiot the 27 – year-old star is under a long-term plan will have the best results consistently.  

However, the obstacle in the contract renewal is the new compensation that. Juventus asks for a reduction from the exist one to be able to form a longer-term commitment. But it’s against the demands of Rabiot. Who ask for a double wage. Next up was the duty of the two representatives to discuss the details.  

Adrian Rabiot started his career in football playing in the youth team 2001-2003 with Creteil club   for 3 years, moved to play with Alfortville in 2003-2004, which was only a year. single And returned to play with Creteil in 2004-2008, 2008 played for Manchester City  , 2008-2009 PAU Fc, 2009-2010 Pôle Espoirs de Castelmaurou and 2010-2012 with the team. Paris Saint-Germain youth club for 2 years, then stepped up to football with the team at a professional club. Paris Saint-Germain 2012-2014     He played for the team more than 137 times, during which time he joined Toulouse in 2013 as a loan player. and come back to play Paris Saint-Germain again Before moving to a new agency in 2019 to be with Zebra Juventus officially