‘Maignan’ responds to ‘President of Genoa’ slams attempted

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Genoa president Alberto Grillo criticized Mike Meignan ‘s clash for attempting to kill a player under his team, causing the AC Milan goalkeeper to come out with a post in response.

The incident occurred during injury time while Genoa were looking for an equalizing goal, leaving a long ball for Caleb Ekuban, who was about to slip into the penalty area when Meyong came out and jumped to cut the ball. Then clashed with a knee to the chest. http://ufabet999.com

Referee Marco Piccinini went to look at the VAR screen and issued a direct red card to the French goalkeeper, causing Olivier Giroud to take his place in order to keep the score at 1-. 0 by Ekuban stayed on the field until the end.

“As a doctor I could tell Meignon’s hit was an attempt to kill.” Sangrillo, the head of Genoa, expressed his dissatisfaction after the game.

“We live in a world where the big teams always have an advantage. Giardino (Genoa coach) didn’t come to the interview. Because I didn’t want him to be punish. But we are waiting to see how many matches Meignan will serve.”

One day after the competition ended, Meyong posted a response message. Write a message via IG Story,

“Dear Saint Grillo, people’s words have meaning. The moment that happened yesterday was my bet. And maybe it should be blamed.”

“But there is no way that that moment was an ‘attempted murder’. Anyway, I wish Sangrillo the best in the future. And I hope he won’t be accused. The way he’s doing it to me.”

In the hottest game at Luigi Ferraris, after Maignan left the field, Genoa goalkeeper Josep Martinez played a set-piece and inserted it at Yunu. S Musah received a second yellow and was kicked again.