Ralph Rangnick tells Phil Jones to play well after being abandoned for 2 years.

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has praise defender Phil Jones for forgetting. That the team has perform well despite not playing for two years.

Jones made his Manchester United comeback for the first time in 712 days. UFABET After Harry Maguire was injury. While others were not available. In the Premier League game, the “Red Devils” lost the home away Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1 on Monday. 

Rangnick said of the English footballer that “He doesn’t have an attitude problem because I’ve seen him train. I think it’s a very good performance if you haven’t played in two years. 

Luke Shaw added: “One thing I would say is that Phil Jones should be proud of himself. He has been criticized over the years and through many different periods, but he is very professional and trains very hard, I am very happy with him and he deserves to be on the pitch.

Phil Jones Biography ( Phil Jones) born February 21, 1992 is an English footballer, height 1.85 meters or 6.1 feet, playing as a defender, currently playing for the club. Manchester United The big clubs of the English Premier League wearing the number 4 shirt

Phil Jones started his career in football at the youth club level. Blackburn Rovers It is one of the famous football clubs of England, also known as Rose Fire. By joining the youth level in 2002-2009, playing for the club for a period of 7 years before developing to upgrade himself to step up to play in a professional club with Blackburn Rovers in 2009-2011, making more than 35 appearances, playing shortly before moving to the club. Manchester United in 2011, having made more than 122 appearances, is the current club that currently joins the football team.