‘Remy’, former Chelsea striker, announces retirement from football

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Loic Remy, former French striker for Chelsea and Newcastle United, Announced his retirement at the age of 36 at the start of the year. Remy

signed a short-term contract with Ligue 1 side Brest, but his contract expired in the summer. Without a chance to enter the field Ready to become an unaffiliated player. Until this past weekend Decided to end his football career

“After careful consideration I have decided to hang up my boots,” Remy, who has won 30 senior caps, told ยูฟ่าเบท.

“Football has always been my passion. So there will be hesitation. But my body has limits.

” Started his career with hometown giants Olympique Lyonnais. But moved to show outstanding form with Nice and Olympique Marseille until. He was selected for the senior national team at the age of 19.

His hot form in Ligue 1 caused Remy to be pulled by Queens Park Rangers to play in the Premier League in the 2012-13 season, and although he was unable to help his team avoid relegation, But he was still in the top league with Newcastle. Remy

scored 14 goals in 26 matches, making “Salika Dong” the club’s top scorer the following season. And caught the eye of a giant like Chelsea, pulling him to play for 2 seasons, playing 47 games, scoring 12 goals, and winning the Premier League 1 time. After that,

Remy wandered off to play football with both Crystal Palace, Las Palmas, Tafe, Lille, Adana Demisspor until he ended up with Brest and finally hung up his boots.