Rio Ferdinand is optimistic about Manchester United performance

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Rio Ferdinand, an analyst at BT Sport, opted to be optimistic about Manchester United‘s performance in the 3-2 win over Atalan yesterday in the Champions League because even though it was an asthmatic three points. But it shows that the spirit of the team is still good. It is a positive sign before the big battle against Liverpool rivals in the coming weekend.

‘ Red Devils ‘ hot as ever soon after when a team from Serie A ‘s second child at the end of the first half. But came to accelerate until the strike of Cristiano Ronaldo in the last 10 minutes, turning the situation from empty-handed to three points, playing out Old Trafford, the sound of Hesson trembled.

Although many people think that it is fortunate to have survived, but ‘ Ferdy ‘ sees this comeback as a result of effort. It will build confidence among the team of Ole Gunnar Seoul tea if I follow the situation, but not disheartened.

“ You have to look beyond the results of the first half. Reminds me of sitting in the dressing room. Focus on the results of the second half before the next match against Liverpool over the weekend, ” said the former Manchester United defender.

“ Nobody sat down to tell the public about the solution. Since everything was still smooth and unraveling, now it’s not all. But I have to remove the results of the competition that came out first. Because the emotional turmoil that arises must be held in order to move forward to raise the spirits in the dressing room. ”

Rio Ferdinand is optimistic about Manchester United performance

“ Ole has already answered the heartbreaking question about whether the players are still fighting for him or not. But that was something that had to be discussed about him on a different level. ”

“ Last night he got the answer he wanted. It was clear from the tone that he answered after the game. We can tell that the players still gave him the kind of response he wished for before the game. ”

“ I think the teams were more connected in the second half. It’s not an easy situation to come through. If anyone has doubts about an also-ran , struggling and fighting for Ole or not – the answer is yes, they can do it . “

“ A big part of the team, they can still fit together. People have already questioned how teams face obstacles. But last night showed it. ”

“ Last night’s game was intense. And there is no better preparation before going to the weekend than this. ” 

United just overtaken their opponents to win a third-goal two- goal situation. the most in history, equal to Arsenal