Roy Keane was disappointed with Harry Kane’s performance

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Roy Keane was disappointed with Harry Kane’s performance. ITV analyst Roy Keane was disappointed with England captain Harry Kane’s performance in the 1-1 draw with Hungary in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on Wednesday. because your status as a captain is the hope of the whole country Can’t come to play in the morning and evening.

Kane was 6.5 of a full 10 points by ‘ Mail Online ‘ with elaborate overview of the spear from Tottenham Hotspur Hotspur has a chance of 2-3 pages should be fired. Including once at the end of the game but knocked out of the frame. It is considered that it is not entertaining to see the form of the captain of the game against Hungary this time.

Consistent with the former Ireland captain’s opinion that the 28- year- old spear’s form has been quiet.

Roy Keane was disappointed with England captain Harry Kane’s performance

” For Kane, it’s never going to be a day when he’s going to be a mediocre player, ” Keane opened his mouth.  

“ When that guy gets in the pod, he’s the best striker. But when the engine is turned off, as we have often seen before It’s like something is holding the heel. He cannot speed up during the game. ”

“ Whatever the story is going on at club level. He needed to do something more substantial. When it’s not at its best and produces something that is familiar. 

The John McCall Lin’s former Scotland midfielder was co-captain of the opinion that the ‘ Lions ‘ are down.

“ That guy has lost his pace. I didn’t see that guy trying to get his head upright or sharp in finishing. That familiar sight has disappeared. ” 

Kane ‘s woe as a sequel to his absence in the summer market has resulted in six clean league games. There will only be Cup football to hit 4 goals out of three matches. As for the national team name, it goes back to the period before shooting every game against Poland , Andorra and Hungary.