The conflict between Josep Guardiola and Raheem Sterling are serouis

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ITV analyst Roy Keane said that the conflict between the two Manchester City personnel, team manager Josep Guardiola and subordinate Raheem Sterling, was a serious conflict. until leading to the Cold War

Sterling struggled with England’s outstanding performance at Euro 2020 or yesterday’s 2022 World Cup qualifier draw with Hungary, taking the chance. Wrong with the color under the shirt ‘ Blue Sailing ‘ started the first 11 only two times in the new season.  

As someone who used to climb bosses until they had to pack things out of Old Trafford. He understood the 26- year- old attacking spearhead at this time very well.  

The conflict between Josep Guardiola and Raheem Sterling are serouis

” Gareth South Gate ( Asst . England ) is a fan of heme , no matter what that guy has a problem with the agency is ‘ ‘ Keno ‘ comments.  

“ Southgate has full confidence in Raheem and the players never disappoint. Therefore, they always fit in the real thing like yesterday. ”

“… It seems to be a conflict between what Sterling and Pepsi have something happen that Naenแne until they buy Green Lichfield salons 100 million pounds last summer .”

“ Sterling has 20 months left on his contract with City, but it’s a long 20 months – so my advice is to focus on building your own game. Leave other things first. ” 

While Ian Wright, a criticism, it’s that there must be something in between the bamboo Pepsi – heme , so if you have the opportunity to move ahead or wait until the end of June . A . In 2023 , it should bounce.  

” No matter, something between him and the manager . The team ,” the former striker ‘s Arsenal that somewhat.

“ He hasn’t played that often since the end of last season. But when England stands out at the Euros. He has the right to look for a better future outside of this club . ”

Sterling was the news that Barcelona are interested in lending market for winter 2022. In addition to the Liverpool the agency was involved.